Do I own the website I purchase?
Yes, after you complete the purchase, the website is entirely yours, but you can’t use it for a different domain name or resell the theme or code. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


Can I a buy theme with the extended license for reselling purposes?
No, currently we don’t offer this service and you are not allowed to resell our product.


How can I choose the theme?
Our themes are universal and will fit any type of shop. We encourage you to choose the theme based on the look and feel that you like.


Do I need to buy my own domain name?
The package we offer comes with the new domain name registration for 1 year, which we will register for you (if it is available or not a special price offer). After the purchase, our support will confirm this with you and after the set-up we will transfer this domain to your name.

If you already have a domain name, you can use your existing one. When you buy a theme from Getshop, please fill in the domain name field, and our support will guide you on how to point it to our service.


What type of hosting do you use?
We use Cloud Hosting or Shared server.


Do I need to pay for the hosting?
This package includes hosting of your theme for one year. Afterward, we will bill the hosting fee on a monthly basis. Basic/regular package starts from £3/per month, but can be higher depending on your use and needs.


Can I host my theme/shop/website myself?
Currently, we don’t support website transfer to another hosting, but we might have this option in the future.


How long does Getshop take to complete one e-commerce website?
The usual commitment is 24h, but if you have your own domain that we have to point to our service, domain propagation might take up to 48h.

After I purchase Getshop e-commerce solution, if I haven’t used it for several years, can I restart using it again, or do I need to pay again?
After the purchase, the website is yours and you can restart using it anytime if you haven’t terminated your service with us or the domain name to which the purchase was made is active. You won't be able to restart your service, if you haven’t renewed your domain or hosting services. Also, we can't guarantee that the latest version of the theme you purchased will be available to you. However, you can use the theme you purchased as it was at the time, if the above conditions are met.


Can I have customized or fully custom website?
Our package doesn’t include customization, but our developers are happy to create a custom theme for you. This will be for extra cost and billed hourly. Please enquire.


Can I change the colour of the theme?
We don’t have an inbuilt system for the user to change colour, but when we set up your theme, we will ask you your branding colour and will set up it accordingly. If you decide to change it later, additional charges will apply.


Will you be adding new themes?
Yes, we are constantly adding new themes.


Can I receive notifications when new theme or updates to my theme are available?
Yes, as our user, you will receive email notification and notification in your admin panel.


Do you provide any training?
Yes, currently we offer 1h dedicated training with your purchase (condition to change in the future).
We are also building step-by-step tutorials, that will be available very soon.
Our future roadmap includes regular webinars.


What type of SEO features are included in Getshop?
Getshop offers a decent amount of onpage SEO features like metatags and meta descriptions for products, categories etc.
You can subscribe for an additional SEO service with us, that will increase your ranking beyond regular features; additional costs apply. Please contact us to find out more.


Can I integrate social media with Getshop?
Yes, you can link your social media accounts with Getshop. Currently, we support Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Vimeo and Google Plus.

What type of payment gateways does Getshop support?
Currently, we support Paypal and Paypal Pro, which accepts most common bank card payments.


Does Getshop supports email subscriptions?
Yes, Getshop has an email subscription function for your customers to subscribe.


How many categories can I add with Getshop?
You can add unlimited categories.


How many products can I add?
You can add unlimited products.


How many slider images can I upload?
You can upload unlimited slider images, but we recommend 2 to keep your website loading times faster.


My text is not very visible on the slider image, what can I do?
If your slider text overlaps with the image you used and is not very visible, you can either change the image with a different, less busy background or change the slider text colour from the admin panel.


My website is too slow, what should I do?
Please check your slider and product images. Getshop automatically optimizes your photos, however if you upload very large images to start with, optimization might not be enough. We recommend using photos no larger than 2MB.

If after you've checked this, if your site is still too slow, please contact us. This might be due to server issues or too high traffic, in which case you would need to update your server package.


I changed the slider image, but the old image is still displaying. What I am doing wrong?
If you changed the slider image, please ensure that the new image you uploaded has a different name than the previous one, or it will not upload.